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C Boomer

Weather set to improve ( gradually)

28th Jul 2017

' Frinton-on-Sea CC are seeking an injunction against the Two Counties League (TCL), which is open to clubs in Essex and Suffolk, on the grounds of discrimination after they were penalised for fielding an overseas player deemed to be ineligible.

The case is due to be heard in court in Chelmsford on Thursday and, if Frinton win, it could eventually set a precedent that would clear the way for many other players to return to action in club cricket across England and Wales. While around 110 players are understood to be directly affected by the ruling, the consequences for future generations could be far reaching.' ....

It's the 'old chestnut' once again Andy, simplistic as it may sound, if the guy is not receiving any financial renumeration from this cricket club then let him play as that being the case, isn't he by definition deemed to be an amateur cricketer and hence can play at whatever level?

( unless he's starred for the 1sts lol...But that's an internal matter and a debate we've had on here many times before and certainly one for another day).

Andy Kennedy

balmy Buckna

27th Jul 2017

Will be interesting to see the outcome of the Frinton cricket club case regarding 'overseas' players.

Kyle Walsh


24th Jul 2017

We are keen to start a cricket club at Queen's University Belfast and were wondering if anybody here would be interested or know of anyone that would like to join.

If so you can contact me on facebook or via email.

Michael Kennedy


23rd Jul 2017

Have to agree with Clarence. Bracewell has taken the hit on the on field performances. And the blame can't lie fully at his feet.

Looking forward to seeing how the recruitment process runs for the new head coach role. Given the track record recently in appointing and re-appointing Academy posts. Also worth noting the head groundsmans job at Bready is yet to be filled, despite a readvertisment, mind you looking for a groundsman in May is a bit like advertising for santas grotto on Christmas Eve.

I suspect there are a few guys in those "high performance" roles looking to fill CV's before moving on to bigger and better.

Andy Kennedy


23rd Jul 2017

A few weeks ago Neil Fullerton posted about the provision of teas at cricket games. I can report that "teas" are still alive and well in the North West. Highest standards at Ballyspallen yesterday with a team of ladies providing for not only the teams and umpires but for spectators. Conversations round the table were somewhat critical about the teas provided by a leading East Belfast club recently to a 2nd XI from the NW. And first-class umpire accommodation at a "wee club". Puts some NCU clubs to shame. But then again I have posted on this before and we're still being asked to change in storerooms, toilets etc. A "new age" for Irish cricket, Test status, etc.!! I wonder if I will live long enough to see the benefits?

Clarence Hiles


20th Jul 2017

Cricket Ireland Head Coach
You must have some sympathy for the Head Coach John Bracewell, who appears to have been axed. Yes, recent performances have been poor, but surely the responsibility should be shared? The players certainly haven't performed and perhaps Bracewell could be criticised for player loyalty in an aging team. And what about guru Richard Holdsworth, the highly-paid High Performance Director? Do the players and Holdsworth share any blame?
Thanks John for your services in trying circumstances. It was a tough act to follow in the wake of Adi Birrell and Phil Simmons, but I fear the new appointment will suffer the same path unless there is a clear out of personnel, playing and administrative.

Gordon Lowey


19th Jul 2017

Great article in today's Belfast Telegraph of our unpaid groundsman for 55 years Tommy Curlett and Jeff Maguire on raising money for the club for new covers during his 60th birthday charity match 2 stalwarts of Dundrum Cricket Club wouldn't it be great to see the NCU acknowlege their achievements.I don't know of anyone doing groundsman as long as Tommy or as dedicated and Jeff does great work in promoting our club.It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of the officials in the NCU.
Gordon Lowey.

Ronnie McAlpine


14th Jul 2017

sounds great at Carrick next Friday Ally will def. try and be there, think it's what we need to promote the game . hope you get a wonderful turnout.

Andy Kennedy

Dreich Buckna

14th Jul 2017

Is it just me or does anyone else get irked by the inane commentary on the T/20 Blast? Thursday evening with Robert Key and that dopey bird going on about tattoos! Might have to watch it with the sound off - bit like international rugby when Brian Moore is giving us the benefit of his opinions/prejudices!

Ally McCalmont


14th Jul 2017

Hi all,
Just wanted to flag up next Friday’s T20 Interprovincial Match between the Knights and the Munster Reds.
This is the first time that the Munster squad have played an Interpro T20 in the Union and we would like to show them what NCU cricket is all about both on and off the pitch.
To that extent the host club Carrickfergus are putting together their usual mix of T20 events for people to come down and have a really entertaining night at the cricket.
I will be on PA / music duties so if you are make it along let me know and I’ll try to give your club a shout out (this also goes for anyone travelling up from Munster). We will have a terrific BBQ on the go, competitions for all and plenty of offers from our T20 sponsor on the night. Indeed in the next few days clubs around the NCU may well receive a ticket inviting club members to come down to the game and each ticket will have a buy one get one free beer token.
Free entry into the ground and the club are planning for one of the biggest nights of cricket in the NCU. So if you haven’t been lucky enough to have been to a T20 game at Middle Road, Carrick, get something organised, bring the cricket/non-cricket mates and why not make this the night.
Game starts at 5 but plenty going on pre, during and after!
For more information check out any of following

R Kennedy

Co Antrim

13th Jul 2017

Very disappointing series from NCU U17 team who won the competition convincingly last year against full strength opposition but failed to compete against a Leinster B team this year - missing 5 of their leading players due to Ireland U 19 commitments !

From an outsider looking in it is hard to fathom how players who have performed well at senior level are overlooked or given minor roles in the team ! Far too much favouritism given to players from big clubs who are obviously just not good enough ! Are the coaches under pressure to pick these boys because if they are we are all wasting our time trying to produce cricketers who are capable of playing first class cricket !

Massive congratulations to the star performer from NCU - Jack Carson - delighted he has been given the opportunity at Sussex to pursue his dreams of becoming a first class cricketer- hope all goes well !

Chris Gilmore


11th Jul 2017


Thank you for the apology. I look forward to the return fixture at your place

Ed don't worry I've known Ronnie for a long time!



Great. I love a happy ending.

Ronnie McAlpine


11th Jul 2017

Re Chris Gilmore. Hi Chris, don't need to read any paragraphs on your post as i would like to unreservedly apologise for the wording of my comments. I meant no disrespect to the 9 players who originally turned out to play us and certainly non to Ally Grahame who told me personally that he turned up to watch, not feeling well (hope he is feeling better) then took the field to help out.
I look forward to returning the favour of the LEMONADE you got me (Jameson get me in trouble) and hope you can accept that i meant no insult to your players and your club, who i have had a cordial relationship for some time. as sincerely as i can say it ,sorry mate


All friends now Chris? Ronnie's a good guy in cricket.

C Boomer

Tired and sore after a good workover in the nets..

10th Jul 2017

Benediximus: Latin for good luck, though not so sure now?

And that previous post should read, ' live cricket on terrestrial television,' sometimes my exuberance can be my foil but I'll live it!

bonum vesperam ( goodnight)


Thanks Caleb.


Chambers Park

10th Jul 2017

I think Ronnie's sentiments didn't quite come across as he intended them too.
Everyone knows there is problem in the lower leagues, from shortage of players to disappearing grounds and volunteers, it isn't easy to discuss a solution to this in a minefield of possibly offending people with remarks and simple facts. There is a big load of denial from clubs and it's been getting bigger for quite some time.
It must be time now to address jnr 6,7,8..
What about a five team minor league fed by a couple of localised development leagues?
The minor winners can play off the jnr 5 last place, and the ncu development staff can keep an eye on the development leagues to see if any teams want to or are capable of playing in the minor league.
Of course the initial move will have to be made by the clubs, and probably here lies the problem. It's difficult sometimes to say with honesty just what you are actually seeing.
Did 25 Downpatrick cricketers simply give up playing cricket? I know that Chris at Dungannon is down over a dozen players in just a couple of years. Portadown lost 8 in a week in 2013
If clubs want to play cricket they need to attract players. Clearly the current model of cricket played is not fit for purpose as it seems to repel cricketers rather than attract them.