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David Scott


23rd Jun 2017

Congrats Cricket Ireland on Test status. Monumental result and step forward for Irish Cricket. Can I however ask all opinions on the Brexit type question now the votes are in. What will be the actual/perceived impact on club cricket as a result?


Cricket Ireland

22nd Jun 2017

It's official!
Congratulations Warren and Ros and everyone associated with Cricket Ireland. They have made a massive step forward in Irish cricket.
Warren added;
Cricket Ireland Chief Executive Warren Deutrom said: “We are delighted and proud with today’s historic announcement. It is an extraordinary testament to the talent and endeavour of thousands of passionate players, coaches, volunteers, staff, clubs and committee people.
“We would like to thank most sincerely the ICC and its members for bestowing this honour on us today. It is a reflection not just of our past achievements but of our potential to grow our great game. We shall spend the next 24 hours marking the moment and celebrating this great day for Irish cricket and next week the hard work of planning to transition to full membership and Test status begins in earnest.”


Terrific. Well done!

Peter Whitten (Academy CC)


21st Jun 2017

Well done to Ryan Eagleson on his achievement. Thanks to John Quinn's dedicated scoring at Academy over the past 35 years we have complete 1st XI stats since 1983!

So, we can add David Greenlees with 10 998 runs, 637 wickets and, for good measure, 234 catches.


Good lad Davy too!

Andrew Haire

Nose to the grindstone

21st Jun 2017

First post on here in a few years, but certainly a great story to see Eagie get to 10000 runs - kudos for such unbelievable loyalty as I'm sure there's been lots of offers turned down.

Whilst not being totally sure of exact stats, I would suggest Taimur Khan and Ryan Haire have both also comfortably passed this amount in their 15 and 20 respective years playing for North Down. Andrew White must be fairly close also with Instonians over the last 15 years.


Very true Andrew.
What would the wickets be for 10,000 runs I wonder?

Mark Fitzpatrick


20th Jun 2017


A superb achievement from Ryan Eagleson and great loyalty also.

Two Waringstown players have hit 10k+ runs:
Garfield Harrison - 11,491
Ivan Anderson - 10,520.

Interestingly, James Hall is not far off with 8,556 as of September 2016.

Top wicket takers:
Garfield Harrison - 858
Ivan Anderson - 745

A word of thanks to John Boomer (I think) who was involved in compiling Waringstown stats from 1916-2016. All in the WCC website.

Steven Fletcher


20th Jun 2017

Enjoyed Alistair bushe article last week on ryan eagleson scoring 10000 first eleven runs for carrick. How many other people would have scored 10000 senior runs for one club?
Do all clubs keep records of these type of stats?
Any names spring to mind?

Andy Kennedy


19th Jun 2017

Ah Nile - those were the days! I recall the nights Flossie and the ladies committee spent working out the tea rota when the fixtures were finalised so that the wives/girlfriends/ mothers of the players on the home teams could be allocated the appropriate slot! And yes - full salads. Maybe children were easier to rear in those days and even though we had working wives we didn't hear talk of 'me' time. Of course there weren't so many Sunday competitions so it was almost exclusively Saturday fixtures. I wouldn't dare comment as to where it went into decline but paper cups and plates with tea from flasks doesn't really cut it. On the plus side I must admit to looking forward to Wallace Park on Sunday - tradition still exists in some places!!

Nile Smith


19th Jun 2017


Younger players will laugh at this but when I started in NCU, most cricket teas were quite civilised affairs. The players were notified that tea was ready to be served then you were invited to sit at a long table set with salad on a proper plate with a knife and fork provided. A selection of cakes followed with tea ladies (and gentlemen) roving around with vast urns dispensing top-ups of freshly-made brew to your crockery cup.

You then went and thanked the ladies for a lovely tea (maybe bringing through your plate to the kitchen) before resuming hostilities on the field. Each club had a rota for tea ladies / tea people.

Looking back it all seems to have changed around the time of the introduction of sandwiches / sausage rolls and a self-service buffet style approach along with disposable paper plates.

It was only 35 years ago but does seem to be a different era!


It sometimes continues Nile and remains civilized.

Ryan McCarter

in work

19th Jun 2017

Totally agree with Neil Fullerton's comments about cricket teas, a now totally outdated tradition which could easily be done away with. Hassle for home teams and adds time on unnecessarily. 15 minute break between innings and anyone in need of a drink or snack can bring their own.

Adds to the stuffy, stuck up image that many outsiders have of cricket, but merely my own personal opinion.


It has also been mooted half-times might be scrapped too. That certainly makes sense when some players barely touch the ball 45 minutes both ways. Mind you, in a cold, wet, and muddy day a player might welcome a hot cuppa tea and bicky!

Andy Kennedy

Balmy Buckna

19th Jun 2017

The topic of the time taken for junior league matches raises its head from time to time on this Forum and I would put forward a few suggestions that may help. (I) don't continually bring a guy up from long-on/off to bowl at the other end. (II) don't waste time taking helmets to the boundary only to bring it back the whole way at the next over from that end. (iii) the incoming batsman doesn't have to wait until his dismissed colleague reaches the boundary. (iv) is it necessary to have a long discussion about field placing at the end of EACH over. (v) do the batsmen have to have a similar discussion at the end of the over. (vi) it is permitted to jog to position at the end of the over. With a bit of improved thought and time management I'm sure that at least 30 minutes could be knocked off each innings.


Is the time taken really a big factor? After all, the overs are taking less and less these days and a lot of traditions might suffer. Bowling 5 overs at each end might also save time too. In my opinion the captains take too much time. In many cases they are indecisive, move players that are not required, and posture like making Government decisions. However, I suppose we are very grateful for captains, as it is a thankless job. PS: Don't ban the teas!

Stuart Catterson

Cregagh CC

18th Jun 2017

Owen thanks for the posting. I could challenge some of your assertions and indeed provide some clarification as to why things turned out the way they did for our 3rds between Friday and Saturday morning. However you seem to be missing my point- why the need to claim the game. There are 3 months left of the season, our two ground are only 15 minutes apart so a midweek game could easily be arranged and based on the league table you are not that far behind in games compared to everyone else. Also it seems rather contradictory to be taking about playing a friendly later in the season after claiming the league points. I wish you well for the rest of the season.

Neil Fullerton

In bed

17th Jun 2017


Lol! Had the pleasure of playing at Moylena today so no tea duty for me. But brought my bananas.

'Hideous post?'

Unlike many posts on this forum I haven't slagged off an official, criticised an umpire, lambasted another club or poured scorn on the rule book.
Just a simple observation and some personal opinion about teas to generate some debate.

I'll tell you what's hideous....

Owen Lambert


17th Jun 2017

Unfortunately cregagh 3 cancelled at 1030am this morning after confirming at 11am yesterday that they were good to play on Sunday. Like Cregagh 3 Instonians 6 is also a lads and dad's team. This was the 3rd request for a postponement from a team due to no team to play us. The other requests to rearrange were made mid week before the match not on Saturday morning 24 hours after confirming the game was on. Unfortunately we were not able to rearrange any of the other three rearranged matches for tomorrow given the notice. Fixtures now piling up and the request to have points and to try to rearrange a friendly later in the season was agreed and acknowledged by Cregagh has reasonable under the circumstances. It's unfortunate this back story was not made public to balance the post on this subject. My understanding is that fathers day is known at least year in advance so if it was a problem an early in the week call to rearrange would have been the decent thing to do and time therefore could have been directed for our kids to get an alternative game on the best cricket weather weekend of the season to date. Instead no-one now has a game. I hope this information puts the previous post in perspective.

Ulster Schools

Moylena, Muckamore

17th Jun 2017

Ulster Bank Schools Cup Final
Friday 16th June

Wallace HS 43 (23 overs, J Hunter 20, D Robinson 4-9, M Fleetham 2-17, B McNamarra 1-9, C Robinson 3-4)

RBAI 45-1 (8.2 overs, J Waite 22, B Rose 19no, S Cardosi 1-5)

RBAI beat Wallace HS by 9 wickets

Stuart Catterson

Cregagh CC

17th Jun 2017

Junior 8
This posting is in a personal capacity and not on behalf of my club Cregagh CC.
Tomorrow our 3rds were due to play Instonians 6ths in J8. With Fathers Day almost all of our young players were not available. Not a surprise. In addition there are GCSE commitments too. We asked for a postponement and gave an undertaking to play the game midweek. The request was refused and we are advised that the points are going to be claimed by Instonians. To say that I am dismayed by this attitude is an understatement. I thought J8 was to facilitate player participation not claim walkovers and deprive young guys of time on the pitch. I would ask the senior officers of Instonians to reconsider this decision in the interests of cricket and the NCU.