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Charles McCrum


8th Sep 2018

I've grown tired of the, 'Charles McCrum playing for so many clubs and mercenary' jibes over the years.
In more recent years I have played for some clubs and coached fitness and cricket voluntarily. I brought proper hard ball cricket and competitive games back to Edenderry primary school where I coached at one stage for 4 years. It's all non stereotyped coaching.
Why it is necessary to use my name for a recent comment on the forum is beyond me. It says a lot to me about local cricket culture when playing for so many clubs seems to have been my main association with the game.


Charles, you have achieved a lot over the years and is well known as a top class cricketer and now a coach. Ignore the barbs and take the higher ground.


Launching an Appeal

7th Sep 2018

Look on the bright side Andy. Very important relegation fixture this Sunday in Junior 1. At least one side can play their 8 unstarred players.... it should make for a high quality contest.

davy boy

at the airport

7th Sep 2018

It was a joke statement not in any way meant to be taken seriously just a bit if banter as I know the umpire and hopefully most saw it as a bit of fun sorry if anybody thought otherwise and mr ed apologies.

C Boomer

Home hoping for a dry Saturday...

6th Sep 2018

Good luck to those teams preparing for their final, all important league defining games this weekend, but whatever the outcome, I reckon we all owe our president an enormous amount of thanks and gratitude for his sterling service and no small amount of effort he has given during his term in office...

A salute to the President
A former Comber, North Down resident
2018, accepted office of NCU president
a once fine cricketer, this dapper gent
with welcome smile and posh accent
like a meandering, migrating goose brent
at every cricket club, he did frequent

A distinguished General will cement
moral of battalion and thus augment
fair play, bravery, discourage dissent
instil principle, encourage and ferment
that's how he played, so where he went
his badge of honour, proud to represent

Be it illustrious kingpins, crowning advent
or awaiting minnows, chance to ascent
he graced each venue with joyful intent
and if the weather would turn inclement
open his umbrella or stand under a tent
'Carpe diem' .. he knew what that meant

We may not see his like again, our lament
for his seat in throne, just a yearly event
with players and supporters, had consent
made his mark, indelible imprint, his present
autographed books, no payment nor rent..
Thank you Clarence, forever indebted to the highest extent!


Very very kind words. Many thanks Caleb. Lurgan Park was very special after all those years. I have many memories of my experience this year. I was blessed.

Andy Kennedy


6th Sep 2018

And what about JH Cook!! On a separate issue, the jungle drums have been remarkably quiet on the subject of the administration of the self-styled ‘master race’s’ starring process!!

Patrick O'Hara


6th Sep 2018

Ref :- davyboy, How distasteful a comment is this ?
Nearly a "gratuitous personal attack", Mr. Ed. ?
Just think if Charles McCrum had decided to join the umpiring ranks. By this piece of twisted logic, Ian Houston would have struggled to find a game for him to stand in !


I'm sure Ian would sort this out if required!
Albert Ward has not been included in this debate because he has not sent me ID as yet.


sunny climate

5th Sep 2018

Ex Hollywood player umping vital game in section 1 lets hope he is impartial while his club are playing in a vital game themselves lol!!!!


Id nearly vote for all ireland to get into that pot money 40million over all sports

4th Sep 2018

Very annoyed at section 2 that still 8 sat/suns for play off as should not be run rate to decide the last promotion position and i said this three months ago .Just think when everyone knew that be lots miss matches that common sense should been used and set up a play off at start season if was required?
Wish Stormont would apply similar funding for Cricket in north =the 19 October deadline.
The Government has announced that €40 million is available for this popular programme. Last year over 2,300 applications were received from 45 different sports.
Last year there were 13 successful applications made by cricket clubs, with €248,000 committed towards facility improvements at grounds around the country. More specifically Clubs received funding for equipment purchases, upgrade of playing pitches, installation of new LED scoreboards, building safety upgrades and mobile practice facilities and mowers, to name just a few.
To support Clubs, Cricket Ireland has run several masterclasses on developing applications in Munster and Leinster, and two more will be held in Northern Ireland in early October, to which ROI-based clubs are able to attend.
A guide to making an application is now available on the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport website.
Registrations will close at 5pm, Friday 19 October 2018.

C Boomer

my 2018 review..

3rd Sep 2018

I know the season is not quite over yet as a few clubs have still to play again this weekend to decide their respective and final league positions, but for my own club ( Victoria ), we have concluded our fixtures for both the 1st & 2nd sides, and indeed, despite stumbling at the final hurdle in regards to promotion, by and large it was a very successful and enjoyable summer of cricket down in Lurgan Park.
As regards other more distinguished clubs in league status to ourselves, congrats to CIYMS on winning the Premier league, any side that can finish above Waringstown must be very prolific and loaded with talent, and if the competitive standard set by their 4th eleven in Junior 7 is anything to go by, their 1st side must be a cracking outfit, justifying the Premier league championship.
Waringstown themselves, magnificent, almost invincible, another monumental season for them with the prestigious Irish senior cup returning and displayed ornate in their clubhouse trophy cabinet, alongside the other well earned silverware they picked up as the season progressed, superb all round by you gentlemen!
Special mention must also go to Templepatrick, I tipped them a few seasons ago to go from strength to strength, back when we played against them in JL 8, they didn't win every game that year but had a side loaded with talented youngsters who were well marshalled by a few senior players, and boy did they proved me right, just look at what a tremendous season they had with all their numerous sides preforming so admirably in their respective leagues!
Finally, last but by no means least, despite the valiant heroics from all of the above, my much coveted box of duck eggs for club of the year goes to Muckamore C.C.
Six men's teams, two midweek sides and a winning ladies team, and what's even more impressive, apart from one ladies match, they fulfilled every fixture and never scratched or conceded a single game!!
Ivan McCombe & Co take a bow, an absolutely brilliant effort from you guys, long may it continue into next year and onwards.....Bravo!!!

Bryan Milford, General Secretary NCU

NCU Headquarters

2nd Sep 2018

he Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday 6 October 2018 in the Clayton Hotel, Belfast at 7.00pm.
Guest Speaker will be former Essex and England Cricketer Graham Gooch.
Tickets for the Dinner are priced £35 and there will be a maximum of 200 places.
Clubs are requested to consider their requirements now and to book with the appropriate payment as soon as possible.
The main course at the meal will Traditional Antrim turkey and ham.
Alternatives will a vegetable curry (vegetarian) and pan fried chicken supreme.
Please indicate with your booking if any of the two alternative dishes will be required. The alternative dishes must be ordered in advance and will not be available on the evening without pre-ordering.



1st Sep 2018

In response to Clarence, and asking about the crowds. My choice not to travel was made when I was able to get it on the bbc red button and I live in dundonald!
Especially given that the weather hasn’t been quite as warm as it was a few weeks back. (It was the end of August true enough so you can’t expect too much heat) but surely this is never ideal for persons to be sitting 7 hours outdoor watching what is now a struggling Ireland team. Also the tickets weren’t exactly the cheapest. Surely cutting the price by half would be as beneficial to get more people in rather than charge the few that did enter quite a high price for average cricket.
Unless KOB fires against a big team as well, which will no doubt score 300+ against us now in ODIs there’s just no way Ireland can compete. Top to bottom, probably KOB and Stirling who didn’t get going in this ODI series are the only players who really look likely to score at a RR of a run a ball, but even then that’s not quick enough anymore. Irish scores are 10 years (maybe more) behind where ODI scores are now.
Also the mentality confused me. In the first ODI they got it deep and needed 12 an over in the last 6, knowing Rashid Khan was to bowl 3 overs. The best players in the world aren’t taking more than 5 an over off him so I can’t see many Irish guys being able to.
A bit of a mentality rethink needed perhaps, and a more positive brand of cricket possibly too. Disappointing to lose the series, but, well done to the Afghans. They got it right

Richard White, PRO

NCU Headquarters

30th Aug 2018

The Northern Cricket Union has announced a Women's Squad to participate in a Twenty 20 tri-series, involving the NCU, North West Cricket Union, and a Leinster XI, on Friday 31st August, at Leinster Cricket Club, Dublin.
Tri-Series Fixtures
11:00am - NCU v Leinster XI
14:30pm - NCU v North West Cricket Union
17:30pm - North West Cricket Union v Leinster XI
NCU Women's Squad
Naomi Matthews (Captain)
Amy Caulfield
Nikhita Gondhia
Becky Hall
Jennifer Hanna
Sandi Harrison
Molly Mathers
Staci Maxwell
Susie Morrison
Natasha Morton
Cara Murray
Coach/Manager: Nigel Jones, Cricket Ireland/NCU Performance Coach

Andy Kennedy

on the red button

29th Aug 2018

Re Davy Boy - I think Cricket Ireland are missing a trick here! What about a ‘spot the spectator’ competition along the lines of the old ‘spot the ball’! Put an X where you think he’s standing!!


ed...Great idea Andy!

davy boy


28th Aug 2018

Clarence for a start not everyone was off yesterday maybe the price for tickets food and drinks and why watch a poor ireland team as the selectors have no balls to change the team or tell a lot of players your ireland career is over so many players at this level well past their sell by dates.


You could be right Davy Boy.
What would be your team?

Clarence Hiles

UC Headquarters

28th Aug 2018

Any reason why the Ireland v Afghanistan match was so poorly represented by the public at Stormont yesterday? It was a poor crowd. The Afghans probably outnumbers the Irish!
The ground was terrific and the setting ideal with ads surrounded the perimeter and a tented area for refreshments.
Little wonder the Irish were deflated by the response. There were more northern numbers at Malahide against Pakistan!