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9th Aug 2007

Surely for the second attempt at a cup tie both grounds should be made available, and if it is the away team’s that has to be used due to weather etc, then the ‘home’ team must conceded this advantage? Better than a bowl-out!

C Sider


9th Aug 2007

Bangor beat North Down fair and square, and I think the ND players would back that up.



9th Aug 2007

Re Michael Patterson
Name your 5?

NCU middle-age swinger

Holywood (Co. Down)

9th Aug 2007

Liked the article on 'oldest swingers' in local cricket and wondered what the maximum age would be down our leagues? I played against Don Shields at North Down earlier this season and he must be near seventy so the spirit of Willie Andrews lives on at Comber!
Mind you he was moving a lot better than some of the younger players!

michael patterson


9th Aug 2007

Hey Robert you must be in the Jason Molins fan club as well if you don't think he was slating the players as well as the selectors. What do you think now that he hitting big Trent with his handbag?
Molins isn't a patch on at least five batsmen in the NCU and that's before we even look at Leinster players. At least his uncle isn't there to pick him!



9th Aug 2007

Second week in August and there are seven teams in the relegation zone in the premier section of the NCU. It shows just how big the gap is between the top and the bottom and how much the standard has dropped in recent years. Hopefully it will also mean all the matches will be played as two teams are facing the drop.
Lurgan and Bangor I'd guess. How could a team like Bangor beat North Down? Is the result under investigation by the NCU?



7th Aug 2007

RE D Smyth.

Whilst I feel that a result must be reached at the second cup attempt there are other much better ways of ensuring a result, unlike football where the penalty shoot-out rules.
Reversal of fixture (often early cup ties will see a good side at a lowly club or club with poor ground in early May), or a ten over bash, as all cricketers would agree better than the bowl-out anyday ! My club benefitted against Brigade last year in a ten over match where the umps upon consultation with both skippers agreed to stand in solid rain for twenty overs. The game went to the last ball and everyone enjoyed the spectacle unlike our "new" bowl out system.


Co Antrim

3rd Aug 2007

Good to see another young Northerner in the Ireland squad but I’m not so sure Thompson is ready for the international arena just yet. He bowls too much loose stuff and I wouldn’t want to see him take a hammering and not come back…



3rd Aug 2007

What a game the ‘A’ team must have taken part in! That is an advert for timed cricket if ever there was one, and such a pleasant change from the ‘same old’ 50 over bash.

Paul Hatton


2nd Aug 2007

Well done North Down. Here in Dublin our supporters don't call anybody any names before matches to wind them up but if it produces better results maybe it's something that would work for you in the Irish Senior Cup as well?
Just joking.
Enjoy your moment and best of luck in the league.


Co Tyrone

2nd Aug 2007

This weekends NW Senior Cup Final has the makings of a great match but it’s a shame that it takes the influence of Mr Raza to make this the case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing him bat but wouldn’t it be better to be talking about a local player who was talking the game by storm…

D Smyth


2nd Aug 2007

I note that ‘Inside Edge’ has blasted the NCU for their bowl-outs in the Challenge Cup and that Clarence Hiles did the same in the NCU Cup Final Programme. Is this the feeling of the majority of senior players in the Union or just those from the bigger clubs?



1st Aug 2007

Good to see Andrew White skippering the Ireland ‘A’ team v MCC. He has been hard done by since the World Cup and is surely the sort of player we want to see as a mainstay of the Senior team, hopefully he will get a decent chance in the upcoming Inter-Continental Cup games.



26th Jul 2007

North Down CC have 9 spare tickets available for the ODI between England and India at Old Trafford on 30th August. They cost £35 each (ironic figure) and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Anyone interested in the tickets should email Alan at



25th Jul 2007

I thought Molins article with Callendar was very good and honest. He did not publically state that he was a better player than his team mates. All he stated was that the selectors seem to be picking all rounders hoping for them to succeed at one discipline rather than a specialist batsmen.