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Sam Turner

A Distance

12th Feb 2007

Love the Archives section, oh how the thinking within Irish cricket has changed!

Bryan Milford

NCU Public Relations Officer

11th Feb 2007

Best wishes on launch of site which is a welcome addition to local cricket scene.

I suspect it will have me tearing my non-existent hair out on occasions but thats all part of the fun.



9th Feb 2007


Looking good mate-good luck with the venture buddy!

Stephen Hughes


9th Feb 2007

Very impressive so far, nearly as good as CI's website!!!

Forum Editor


8th Feb 2007

Welcome to The Ulster Cricketer Forum

Please post your comments on any topic relating to Irish cricket and in particular the Feature and Archive articles on the site.

ivan mc combe


30th Nov -0001

League changes.
Why not just bite the bullet. Change it to two eights from next season. Surely the whole thing needs a good shake up to breathe some life into it. With the top six in Section two scheduled to stay there surely for the three or four better teams in that league next season will be a bore and we will see more end of season walk overs. I appreciate this may not be a "pc suggestion " but who seems to care. As for Colin Andrew's post it seems that as well as have the umpires standing until his team has decided when an innings should end he now thinks that the opponents should ring up to check that Civil Service are coming out to play. As any captain will tell you it's a big enough job getting your own team out, ground prepared and the tea without having to ring the visitors.

andy kennedy

dreich Buckna

30th Nov -0001

Scunthorpe through on penalties last night!! I know of one other supporter - and the lady scorer knows who she is - who will be looking forward to Wembley. C'mon Jeff - what odds Scunthorpe for the Championship?

Davy McDowell

On the pooter wishing i was playing

30th Nov -0001

With regards to the Pro debate, if we are going to have them here at all, then surely they should be allowed to play in all competitions.
There have been some pro's in the local game that have proved to be excellent value for money in improving the standard of the local cricketers, but equally there are some that are only here to play, and that IMO is one of the reasons why they are detrimental to the good of the local game.
I recall going to school and having John Solanki when he was employed by Lisburn coming to coach at the school every week (at least one day per week depending on which year teams were practicing) and spending a lot of time encouraging players nd showing us where we were going wrong either with bat or ball, Mark Harper when at Donacloney is another that coached a lot and got a lot of youngsters playing the game in the Cloney likewise Rahul Mankad in Lurgan, but too many probably couldnt tell you where the nearest school was never mind when they practised.



30th Nov -0001

Story goes Decker Curry hit Andrew White with his bat! Just what I heard.

Stephen Burrell

30th Nov -0001

@LaurelvaleCC @tpatrickcc congrats to you both. League tables don't lie. Top of league 2 yrs in a row = top teams #ncus2 #ncujc

Clarence Hiles, Editor

30th Nov -0001

Good debate on the pros and cons about shorter overs. But surely there is be room for everyone? If both teams want the shorter games then agree it. If both games want a longer game then continue.
At least give it a try for a couple of years.
Also, make sure the proposals are timely and correctly before the AGM. This is the place to debate and some of the best thinkers are involved.