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C Asio

Sri Lanka

28th Feb 2007

Good luck to the Ireland boys in Jamaica!

neil hunter


27th Feb 2007


I think that photo of me at the Lurgan Cricket Dinner last week does me a diservice !!!! Looks like you caught me at a bad moment!

To all you guys from North Down who came to the dinner can we at Lurgan say a big thanks

Also to all the cricketers and supporters from Waringstown, Umpires, Scorers + alikadoos from Instonians who also attended our sincere thanks. (I think it looked like a grasshoppers reunion)

Everyone who attended seemed to have a great night and one thing that shone through was that sportmanship is alive and healthy.

Best wishes for the website and good luck in your 150th year, please count us in for a table at La Mon

Sam Turner

A Distance

27th Feb 2007

Payment of players

Can I state from the outset that this relates to a decent standard of player.

Why should clubs who have raised the money not invest some of that in strengthing their team? I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

And as for Irish Passport holders, is it not a case of 'the more the better'?
These will be good for the national game in the long run and should in theory help increase the standard of the provincial leagues.

If the kids are good enough, they will make it. Local cricket doesn't need teams with a poor standard of young players any more than it needs the poor standard older ones!



27th Feb 2007

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ivan mccombe


25th Feb 2007

With a new coach on board for Ireland do we envisage any change in the squad after the World Cup? Are there any expected retirements or are there any players whose face didn't fit with the previous coach who might come back into the frame? Who is going to identify these players and inform the new coach? The Friends Provident games against the counties kick off the same time as our own club league.

Ryan Haire


22nd Feb 2007

Re Simon and UL.

Good to hear some positivity from someone whos club who potentially be damaged by a UL ! Would be interesting (if the editor could find time) to run a poll on the UL option as it stands , possibly a seperate one for each Union ? Would beat those rivals Cricketeurope to the draw..

Simon J


21st Feb 2007


I was unfortunately at one of the roadshows and the problem i saw was that when asked how the ulster league was going to work the response from the suits was "well nothings really been discussed and the North West Union actually hasnt agreed to anything and its only a proposal blah, blah , blah". They basically fudged the issue but you got the feeling that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we are being told. I felt that the majority of people were at the roadshow to find out about the ul and were basically told jack. To my mind it was very frustrating and disappointing, as i don't know how the NCU can expect to push this through on a wing and a prayer without letting the clubs in on everything. They say they are, but they're clearly not.
Don't get me wrong i thing the Ulster league is a great idea, even though in my opinion it would have a damaging effect on my own club Woodvale at least for the first few seasons. But we all have to look at the bigger picture as Rhyno says....this is about developing our cricket and making it stronger.
Its been a well know fact now that there are a strong 4 or 5 teams in section 1 and the same in section 2 and 3. The rest of the teams in those sections are constantly battling against relegation each year and maybe its time for them to admit that all the leagues should be cut down to 8 teams or so and then in my opinion most clubs would be playing at their proper level.
I have to admit i get a giggle with every one on the other forum talking about the amount of travelling that would have to be done if an ul was to happen. My God we live in one of the smallest countrys in the world! Plus, nobody can control the weather so 4get about that altogether. Think of the positives, better standards of cricket, more sponserships etc, we need to stop finding problems and find solutions.

Ps. Congrats to you Peter on a excellent site and good luck for the future.

Ryan Haire


19th Feb 2007


Think you've hit the nail on the head. Cant actually believe how 2 up ,2 down got passed with so many clubs flirting with relegation annually in Sect 1 never mind the UL debate. Time for the greater good to prevail even if the Ulster weather could scupper events at the drop of a hat (thinking practically..huge care would need to be taken in ensuring universal standards for weather conditions are applied by the men in white coats!)

ivan mccombe


18th Feb 2007

I don't think an Ulster League on its own is the answer to all our ills.As not being universally accepted this is surprising. Is it the "suits" or the players who are against it AND what are the REAL reasons for this negativity to an idea that could really breathe life into the game.
My gut feeling is that clubs are worried about getting left behind and see the best players migrating to the top eight clubs.Surely it should be every clubs ambition to break in to that elite.Having the cricket forums and the roadshows at least now people have a chance to share their views which can only be healthy.
Can anyone who attended any of the roadshows through any light on the mood of the meeting to the Ulster League idea.

Clarence Hiles


18th Feb 2007

Hey Ivan, you don't go up to the North-West to watch a lot of 'might bees' and average cricketers. You go to watch Decker, Junior and Smithy so why wouldn't the selectors pick them when they are still performing so well? If the emerging players are good enough they'll replace the old hands in due course but of course we can all see that these guys are still the best around! Also spectators want to watch the best players and the bragging rights don't come with fielding weaker teams to 'blood' potential players.
If we wanrt the best playing the best then let's include the best, and that also means the newcomers if they are good enough.
As for change = progress why is the Ulster league not being universally accepted if the solution is so simple?

ivan mccombe


18th Feb 2007

Clarence's idea of an Ulster Championship might make for two great days for spectators but I can't see the benefit to the National team as only a handful of emerging players will get selected if money and Union pride is at stake.NW will want to include Decker,Junior,Stevie Smyth etc and NCU will have a similar policy.Why not an Ulster League?.I don't think it's change for change sake.If you played Senior Cricket in Scotland the travel distances would be greater than what's proposed here.Lets not be afraid of change ( PROGRESS ).

Gary Murphy

Portadown Cricket Club

17th Feb 2007

All the best with,
The Ulster Cricketer Online.
Good luck for the future.

Clarence Hiles


17th Feb 2007

There's been a lot of talk about the Ulster League since the NCU 'think tank' took the initiative to take the issue into an open forum with their vision for the future. This has allowed everyone a chance to publicly air their views at either the roadshows or the cricket websites and looking at the responses there is NOT an overwhelming majority in favour. In these circmstances it is best left alone so legislators should now look at other ways of improving cricket in the Province.
One particular issue is that of bridging the gap between international level and club level and the crusty old issue of interpro cricket. Unfortunately this tournament was sacrificed by the ICU in the Nineties and will never be the same again as life has moved on. It is futile to think otherwise because the top players are alreay heavily committed and the ICU has no real appetite for this tournament no matter what is being said by individuals. In these circumstances I think the NCU and the North-West Unions should resurrect their old rivallry with a home and away series every year for the Ulster Championship, the matches to be played on popular holiday dates and prize money on the table for the winners. This championship would involve only two matches, (and a decider if necessary), it would allow each union to pick their best players and it would be 100% representative as it would exclude overseas professionals.
And it would guarantee a northern winner!

gordon montgomery

Glendermott C.C

16th Feb 2007

Good to see another cricket site up and running and the fanasy league could be good entertainment.
All the best Peter.

Michael Shannon

Holywood CC

15th Feb 2007

Good luck with the web site Peter- looks great !Best wishes to all at N.Down for their 150th from all at Holywood CC - would be fitting if they could fill their trophy cabinet this year -especially after last years fiasco !