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M O'Donnell

Co Tyrone

23rd Apr 2007

Do I need a ticket for the Ireland game next Sunday and if so, where Can I get one?


I think it is pay at the gate.

Andrew P


23rd Apr 2007

I heard a rumour at the weekend that Peter Gillespie was going to be playing for Instonians in the NCU this season, any truth in it?

Ryan Haire

Office bound

20th Apr 2007

Didn't they do well !

The team in the Carribean have performed impeccably both on and off the field..huge credit must go to Adi for Irelands current meteoric rise within the game! What next for Ireland ?


Belfast- CIYMS

17th Apr 2007

CIYMS have now launched their new redesigned website! Come visit on to see what is going on at the club this season

Ryan McCarter


10th Apr 2007

Shame about the Molins comments from Birrell, could have sidestepped the questions about his fitness etc. He was an excellent servant to the team and very much at the forefront of the revival of the international side. Will always remember his languid pulls and hooks onto the roof of the Stormont clubhouse in the fantastic West Indies win



10th Apr 2007

glad to see the fnatasy league up and running shieldsy it should be good crack, have a good trip to the carribean boys im sure you will.

p.s gutted i am not on the player list , shame on you ha ha



6th Apr 2007

Is that the full player list? lot of missing players also m mooney has signed for foxlodge.


Jonny, that is the 1st draft but it is not going to have every player, I have other things to do on a Monday as well as!

Fox Lodge now has more players than any other club!



5th Apr 2007

When will the fantasy league be up and running?


I'll have the player lists up by the weekend
Should create a bit of chat for the bar!

Ryan Haire


5th Apr 2007

Re Staffy & Team changes.
Hard to changing a winning (morally) side. Guys are performing well. The one man would be Whitey who I would shift up the order..the higher he has batted over the years the better his average (would like to see stats on this)...

Paul Stafford - Forum Editor


2nd Apr 2007

I wonder does Adrian Birrell envisage making any changes to his team during this World Cup. I can't help feeling we have missed a trick during squad selection. Adi has picked the best cricketers in Ireland no question but his options are limited. I personally would have liked to have seen a left arm spinner in the team preferably Ralph Coetzee who would not have weakened the batting. The ability to take the ball away from the right handers would have complimented Kyle. I think we should maybe look at the batting order. International bowlers also find it difficult with the white ball bowling at left/right combination. Perhaps we should try Kevin O'Brien or Andrew White at 3 and drop Eoin Morgan down to 5. Just a suggestion. Any thoughts?



30th Mar 2007

Windsor Park, Croke Park... Its gonna happen!!!



30th Mar 2007

4 bedroom villa available in Barbados 11 - 18 April.
Email for more info.

Conor Doyle


29th Mar 2007

Well Done Ireland so far and good luck tomorrow against England

Paul Stafford


28th Mar 2007

Ireland Test Cricket debate.

Nobody seriously believes Ireland are in a position to play test cricket right now, but the point is we would like some sort of way of protecting our ODI status and players and have a roadmap for the future. Test cricket is the pinnacle for any cricketer and noone would begrudge a player that opportunity. However it is slightly galling listening to the English media going on about overseas players in Ireland team when the best batsman in the ICC qualifiers who took us to the World cup is now in the English ranks. For Ireland to continue to develop we must create lots more players capable of reaching county level but even a few reaching Test or ODI level.It is England taking these players which will keep Ireland in the dark ages. The debate about Ireland playing test cricket is not about structures, finance or capabilities but about how we can create and keep our very best players to compete at the highest level.

Ryan McCarter


26th Mar 2007

Agnew has really got on my nerves this last while, but if we can beat England on Friday it will be great to see his reaction. Going to be glued to the screen again, but have a football dinner to attend so might miss the best bit as Trent smacks Monty over long on to win the game!


Judging by the state of his shoulder he will have to do it one handed!