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jeff maguire

roll on THE SEASON

22nd Mar 2008

TAYTO, just like 2 no as i havent played in top level who in your mind is apart from bushe who is the 3 lot better than derrick mccann ,i have followed GARY WILSON since he TORTURED me for2 bowl at him. 2 years as lad he never left DUNDRUM &i never seen anyone as DEDICATED in wanting too be a TOP CRICKETER&THINK HE PROVED THAT HE MADE IT! this forum is good for debating but do think that people should say which CLUB THEY FROM!!john price&MARK? their definatly isnt a JAMES HEWITT in dundrum& of course he entitled too his say but too HIDE UNDER LIVING IN DUNDRUM is little sad.think in DERRICKS defense he aint done 2 bad not 2 many have played at junior irish level as a BOWLER&then senior inter pro as WICKET KEEPER&think not that long ago won TOP WICKETKEEPER IN SECTION 1& REALLY HAVE NO DOUBT THAT HE WILL SURPRISE A LOT PLAYERS standing up too the opening BOWLERS,(TAITO u might be a bit QUICK FOR HIM)LOL.PS STAFFY does a LAPTOP not work on SLOPES as derriaghy&ciyms might want 2 send you 2 FISH FINGERS!!PPS couple off big e way horses,QUINCE510 DONC.LADY GRACE325&BENANDONNER250.


James Hewitt information noted.

jeff maguire

back ON LINE

22nd Mar 2008

re paul stafford,SWEAR PAUL JUST GOT TEX FROM SECTION1 PLAYER SAYING (THAT YOUR BOWLING IS LIKE YOUR SKI ING, GOING DOWNHILL!)he bet me i woundnt put it on, might be the only CERT I GET 2DAY!IVE NEVER SEEN YOU PLAY but have heard that you more than USEFULL,PITY WONT C U IN DUNDRUM.if CIYMS didnt (BITE) then cant c derriaghy RISING OUT OFF THE WATER FOR THE BAIT(were do you DIG up your stories?my nap 2 day is BLACKPOOL BILLY haydock3pm. each way VITZNAU.donc havn LURGAN KIPPERS 4breakfast!!!

Paul Stafford

Lunatic Asylum

21st Mar 2008

Derrick won't get to do anything as keeper at Derriaghy. Their bowling attack is so accurate they never miss the bat!
Stuarty 'Van Der' Hegarty, you're bound to take the BAIT soon (Did you like that, Jeff?).

PS I'm going away for 10 days skiing so the forum will be a Staffy free zone. Keep the banter up guys and I'm looking forward to catching up when I get back.

PPS The Derriaghy v Carrickfergus game will be for The Currie Cup.

PPPS Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!...get used to these words NCU cos you'll hear them at the start of every CSNI game!


work on good friday

21st Mar 2008

yes jeff thats fair enough , and as rodney was saying we are entitled to our opinions, that is solely my opinion , and yes bushey and a few others are brilliant jeff, derrick would have a lot of work to do to be as good as them.
you are right about the pro , coaching is the most important thing to bring some young kids in to the club and make sure the club keeps going

jeff maguire

not for publication

20th Mar 2008

sorry editor ,thats y i never was a good bat!!!



20th Mar 2008

I see, Glendermott are looking for a Media Officer... watch out North Down!!!

jeff maguire

forum cramp

20th Mar 2008

taito. did reply twice but they not posted so try AGAIN.I DIDNT COMPARE HIM 2 BUSHE AS IVE NEVER SEEN HIM (MY MATE ALAN NEILL SAYS HE TOP CLASS)IT WAS THE UMPIRES WHO COMPARED &IF U READ MY 3RB LAST POST THATS WHAT I SAID !!but tell u this if u say their is lots better than derrick mccann that can only be good for our sport!!if i had 1wish it would be that the NCU could set up 2 3 DAY SUMMER COACHING FOR JUNIOR CLUBS KIDS&MAYBE UTILISE THE COACHES THAT OUR IN FIXTURE BOOK&I BET THEIR IS GOOD FEW WHO ARE TEACHERS OR MAYBE OF DURING SUMMER AS its the clubs future players that is the secret too keeping our great game off CRICKET alive


Jeff, your postings won't always appear instantly, a little patience required!



20th Mar 2008 my last post i said the umpires did(im talking aboutTOP SECTION 1 umpires)i havnt seen BUSHE so therefore i cant compere them,but will say if he &rest better than derrick they MUST BE BRILLIANT!!!i agree that lot its lot easier too bat when wickets hard (not just for pros)but believe me their is no pressure on our first pro as wee ALREADY FAVOURITES FOR RELEGATION.I HOPE he is good player but MORE IMPORTANTLY FOR DUNDRUM THAT HE CAN COACH SCHOOL KIDS THAT IN FUTURE PROVIDE PLAYERS THAT KEEP OUR CLUB IN EVEN SECTION 4 AS ITS CLUB THAT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE NOT SECTION 2. as you no anyclub can FOLD &that is why i have even changed my opinion(noel mcarey whos opinion i RESPECT told me that coaches will do more in 2years than we can in 6years)that is why we are signing him(ps hope he enjoys DUNDRUM as i woundnt want 2 leave my home for 100£ week)wouldnt pay us for beer &food for a NIGHT OUT?RE.ROBIN cheers no better than tony martin &hear he fancies DUN DOIRE aintree 46 1 on betfair. if CRETE GOES DONCASTER IT worth betting.

John Wheeler

Saintfield CC

20th Mar 2008

Re Derrick McCann

Personally I think he's an exceptional keeper, and I know we would have jumped at the chance of him joining us. I don't know if his batting will be up to section 1 standard or not but not much will get by him behind the stumps.

Robin, you're right about the youngsters at Saintfield. The more experienced players at the club are very optimistic about their future and if we can keep them at the club there's no reason why we can't start looking at the other end of Section 2 instead of worrying about relegation. I know yourself and Taimur have been a big help with them at the winter academy and just seeing them perform in the nets shows how much they've come on.

Jeff, the beers will be waiting for you and your guys on the 10 May, hopefully we'll have the race night after the match. Rodney, still haven't forgiven you for omitting me from your Section 3 team last year. Revenge will be mine LOL.


laughing out loud

20th Mar 2008

Jeff: i have never laughed so much as you compared derrick mccann with bushey behind the stumps, i dont want to get in to a slagging match about anyone but bushey and several others are leagues above derrick when it comes to keeping.There is absolutely no jealousy involved at all as all four wicket keepers we tried last year fit in well to the team and will play for the TEAM.

You are right although about good players will score runs anywhere but having seen so many pros over the years there have been quite a few who have not adjusted to the wickets here, so it will be a big test for your young sri lankan, you might find that him like plenty of others in the past might only start to show their real talent come the end of june or july when the wickets firm up.

Rodney Hassard


20th Mar 2008

re: j hewitt

Firstly i'd like to know who the j hewitt is as i dont think there is one in dundrum.

Secondly the matter of how good a player, in this case wicketkeeper is, is a matter of opinion and opinions will differ. I have absolutely no doubt that derrick mccann will prove his critics wrong in section 1 this year. Without doubt he has been as good as any wicket keeper I have played with or against. In fact I havent seen anyone better standing up. Again its a matter of opinion and the majority of umpires that were at our ground last year seemed to agree.



20th Mar 2008

TAITO,Do i detect &bit off JEALOUSY regardind derrick mccann jnr as last year in game u changed wicket keeper 4 times (even GENIUS still be as better that that lol).i just no that that in games last year that derricks displays with the gloves were according too the umpires who do lots section 1 games were as good as johny bushe,hi PRAISE INDEED!!!a lot has been said bout our wickets let me say this GOOD PLAYERS ADAPT &PLAY ON ANY SURFACE we had 1000runs scored in 1weekend last year.yes it not as true &fast as STRANGFORD ROAD but when u have a river that floods THE MEADOW every year its as good as we ever gone get it.professionals micheal clarke ,kemetar too name few all scored big hundreds&daniel gledhill got best 96 ive seen,really point im tryen 2 make is that if YOUR GOOD ENOUGH YOU will .ps neil gelston always scores runs dundrum (hope hes away )rumours abound you bowling half volleys in nets ?WHAT EVER HAPPENED TOO YOUR LONG HOPS &FULL TOSSERS. LOL (NEVER LAUGHED AS MUCH SINCE doctor told me i could start DRINKING AGAIN.LOL



20th Mar 2008

Bumper "moral high ground" Dale!!!

Billy, whilst i tend to agree with you that the general level of on the field sledging etc has been on the increase for a few years, you my old friend can be as guilty of it as the next man as North Down have witnessed on quite a few occassions over the past few years and as staffy pointed out on a previous post.

Remember the ulster cup final last year? You spent the entire second innings on the boundary edge shouting very audibly "this is easy" and "just too good, just too good" on a ridiculous amount of occassions!!!

The game you mention in your post between N Down and Inst that got heated, is that the game PC gave you a send off and you turned straight back and complained to the umpires? If you dish it out Bill you gotta take it back mate. I dread to think of the amount of times we have all heard you shout "too good for you" just as you've practically released the ball to the batsman!!

Mostly all good fun with you of course Bill but as i said earlier if you dish it out you gotta take it when it comes back at you!!

Hope you have a great season with the master race Bumper and im sure i'll see you during the season.

robin haire

mines a double.

20th Mar 2008

great craic boys between downpatrick and dundrum, will definetly take in one of these games during the season.dont underestimate saintfield guys as myself and t.khan have seen at first hand that they have several young good ones who should do very well in section 2 indeed they are ready for section 1, hopefully with saintfield in the near future.

ps.jeff dundrum t.martin tells me royal county star easter monday irish grand national get ur mortgage on it.


The Warren

20th Mar 2008

Re. PC and Staffy's comments.
Yes Bowlers should have an arsenal of one liners. Here are a few of mine- 'A good batsman would have edged that one!' and 'If you're looking for the ball its in the keeper's gloves !'
Good banter and no need for abusive language.
Staffy's comment about 'rabbits'
My good friend Mr. Chief groundsman Moreland of the Green was playing for ND seconds with me and as they foolishly had made me captain I was batting at number 6. As I went out to bat the comment was made 'Well if a rabbit is at number six what does that make us?' The answer given 'FERRETS' THAT'S WHAT GOES IN AFTER THE RABBIT.
Hence the Ferret Club was establihed and all players who have batted below me in the order are members!!!