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Sam Turner


15th Mar 2007

Should Ireland consider splitting up our left-handers at the top of the order, the Zim bowlers got the line and we struggled?



15th Mar 2007

Does anybody want to name and shame any of the Irish supporters that were featured on Sky Sports today?!

Dave R

The Bridge

15th Mar 2007

Well done Ireland, that will have a few people thinking before they speak next time.

Was anyone really shocked at Ireland's poor fielding?


work (well im here anyway)

14th Mar 2007

i realy fancy if ireland beat zimbabwe they could peat pakistan and qualify. does anyone know what price ireland are to get out of their group because i have a wedding to pay for and it might be worth a flutter. it would at least pay for a lapdance on my stag. Well staffy any new blood at lurgan this year? i know you are much like ourselves its always the sae old faces.

the league could be seriously close this year between third and last, it will as usuall depend on which teams get off to a good start.


Webmaster: Ireland 200-1 to win Group D, not sure about qualification.

PS: Taito

I don't care what anyone says Ireland are underdogs for this game. However they can win it and if so I believe they can qualify if they can win one of their last two. So if you can afford to lose it, Ireland are 11-8 to beat Zimbabwe and I reckon A Botha at 6-1 to be Ireland's top scorer are worth a punt.

Regarding Downpatrick same old faces means same old results with a marginal decline as some players age. I know this from experience only too well. Downpatrick are 2 quality players light and if they could find them they would definately challenge.

Lurgan have Craig Irwin and David Haire returning and Neil Anderson has been practising again and is talking of playing this year. I am still hoping to strengthen before the season starts. I hope to make a little more progress up the league for 2007. But I do agree there is not a lot between teams 3 to 10 and with 2 down this year its going to be a big pressure season.

PS: It's usually around this time of year you tip Lurgan for relegation!

Paul Stafford


13th Mar 2007

Just spotted the Irish guys in the crowd at the WI/Pakistan game. Thankfully as the camera dwelled on them Tony Cozier also knew them and gave them an honorable mention

Ryan Haire

Office Bound

13th Mar 2007


No need to be nervous ! The Zim team are getting worse each year.. and Ireland keep improving we are hitting the ground running ! No Mid Ulster controversy stirred up yet as Forum Editor ?

Paul Stafford


13th Mar 2007

Am I the only one nervous over the Zimbabwe/Ireland game? Everyone expects us to win yet despite their problems we are playing against full time professionals who are used to this level. This is our world cup final. If Ireland can beat Zimbabwe we have a real chance to qualify. Anybody any predictions?

Gareth McCarter


11th Mar 2007

Best of luck with the new website gents, always good to see another local cricket website on the go, lets hope theres some content from Section 2 as well.

Re. an Ulster League, I hope the NCU give their new "2up-2down" proposal a few seasons at making cricket more competitive as intended rather than bringing it in for one season before changing everything again. Are the Clubturf Ulster Cup and White Horse Ulster Shield big enough successes that they should be extended into a Saturday league? I wouldn't be entirely convinced.


PS: Gareth, 2 up 2 down has one problem. Those clubs wanting promoted want it in. Those fearing relegation don't want it. However once promoted the same club wants it back to 1 up 1 down and the club relegated wants it to stay 2up 2 down so they can get back up. Then it will be all change again.

An Ulster League is still a pipedream. Inter-Union competitions work best as cup matches.



11th Mar 2007

To all our Forum reader’s, we’re delighted to inform you that for the next month or so, Lurgan skipper Paul Stafford will be the guest editor for The Ulster Cricketer Forum.


Eglinton cc

10th Mar 2007

good luck peter with the website & good luck to the ireland team in the west indies. lets hope the supporters all survive the heat!!!

kirstie henry

Belfast- CIYMS

7th Mar 2007

Congratulations on the site, it's looking great, another good addition to Ulster cricketing info!

Norman Allen


2nd Mar 2007

Congrats on your new cricket site hope all goes well..Good luck to the Irish Invaders in Jamaica

DR Reddick


1st Mar 2007

Another good website about Irish Cricket.

Was reading the debate about an Ulster League on another site, what is the big deal about travel times?
You guys don't know what other countries do - a standard away match for me is 2 hours on average!

C Asio

Sri Lanka

28th Feb 2007

Good luck to the Ireland boys in Jamaica!

neil hunter


27th Feb 2007


I think that photo of me at the Lurgan Cricket Dinner last week does me a diservice !!!! Looks like you caught me at a bad moment!

To all you guys from North Down who came to the dinner can we at Lurgan say a big thanks

Also to all the cricketers and supporters from Waringstown, Umpires, Scorers + alikadoos from Instonians who also attended our sincere thanks. (I think it looked like a grasshoppers reunion)

Everyone who attended seemed to have a great night and one thing that shone through was that sportmanship is alive and healthy.

Best wishes for the website and good luck in your 150th year, please count us in for a table at La Mon