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ivan mccombe


18th Feb 2007

Clarence's idea of an Ulster Championship might make for two great days for spectators but I can't see the benefit to the National team as only a handful of emerging players will get selected if money and Union pride is at stake.NW will want to include Decker,Junior,Stevie Smyth etc and NCU will have a similar policy.Why not an Ulster League?.I don't think it's change for change sake.If you played Senior Cricket in Scotland the travel distances would be greater than what's proposed here.Lets not be afraid of change ( PROGRESS ).

Gary Murphy

Portadown Cricket Club

17th Feb 2007

All the best with,
The Ulster Cricketer Online.
Good luck for the future.

Clarence Hiles


17th Feb 2007

There's been a lot of talk about the Ulster League since the NCU 'think tank' took the initiative to take the issue into an open forum with their vision for the future. This has allowed everyone a chance to publicly air their views at either the roadshows or the cricket websites and looking at the responses there is NOT an overwhelming majority in favour. In these circmstances it is best left alone so legislators should now look at other ways of improving cricket in the Province.
One particular issue is that of bridging the gap between international level and club level and the crusty old issue of interpro cricket. Unfortunately this tournament was sacrificed by the ICU in the Nineties and will never be the same again as life has moved on. It is futile to think otherwise because the top players are alreay heavily committed and the ICU has no real appetite for this tournament no matter what is being said by individuals. In these circumstances I think the NCU and the North-West Unions should resurrect their old rivallry with a home and away series every year for the Ulster Championship, the matches to be played on popular holiday dates and prize money on the table for the winners. This championship would involve only two matches, (and a decider if necessary), it would allow each union to pick their best players and it would be 100% representative as it would exclude overseas professionals.
And it would guarantee a northern winner!

gordon montgomery

Glendermott C.C

16th Feb 2007

Good to see another cricket site up and running and the fanasy league could be good entertainment.
All the best Peter.

Michael Shannon

Holywood CC

15th Feb 2007

Good luck with the web site Peter- looks great !Best wishes to all at N.Down for their 150th from all at Holywood CC - would be fitting if they could fill their trophy cabinet this year -especially after last years fiasco !


downpatrick cricket clud

14th Feb 2007

All the best with the new site shieldsy, yet another excuse for me to do no work.

Noel McCarey

Saintfield Cricket Club

13th Feb 2007

Good luck with this venture. All avenues for cricket debate have to be an improvement for all who play and follow the game from whatever viewpoint they support.

'The Turk'


13th Feb 2007

Good luck Shieldsy mate with the new site.Wish you every success and look forward to seeing you at indoor nets soon.

Trevor Hamilton

Bready Cricket Club

13th Feb 2007

Peter, Congratulations on the launch of 'The Ulster Cricketer' Website. I look forward to your updates throughout the coming season.

Maurice Whelan

President / Chairman Railway Union/Dublin

13th Feb 2007

Good Luck with "The Ulster Cricketer", another great looking addition to the Cricket Sites from all in Leinster Cricket and especially us at Railway Union.



12th Feb 2007

Excellent innovation and another local website.
Every sucess. Its already been added to my favourites.

Ryan McMaster

Holywood CC

12th Feb 2007

Congrats and good luck Peter.
Should generate a bit of interest over the months - hope it works as you hope it to.
Also good luck for the 150th year! Holywood celebrated 125 last season, so we know how much work you guys will be putting in. Good Luck!

john m pryor


12th Feb 2007

the site looks very good. i would just like to wish you all the very best for the future. as ryan has said another site for having a say about cricket in ireland. has to be good.

Ryan Haire

Office Bound

12th Feb 2007

Yet another "vehicle" for debate..good luck and happy editing !

Sam Turner

A Distance

12th Feb 2007

Love the Archives section, oh how the thinking within Irish cricket has changed!