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Sylvester Greenidge


23rd May 2007

Big Phil
Just like to congratulate big Phil and the Ireland team on their success. It was a tough start for the Ireland coach but a 'home' game at Grace Road and easier opposition should show everyone that it's not the coach's fault if Ireland can't beat the full-time counties. Give the man time to get his act together and you'll see progress.



23rd May 2007

What about a County Championship style tournament to be the next level up from club cricket?
We could alter it a little to have teams from Down, Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Tyrone/Fermanagh and a team from Belfast.
Two round-robin groups of three, the winners playing in a final. Two games each, three for the finalists.
I’ll kick it off with a Belfast selection:
1 R McCann
2 J Stevenson
3 A White
4 N Jones
5 R West
6 W Horwood
7 D Heasley
8 J Hewitt
9 S Wells
10 A Coulter
11 I Cleland



22nd May 2007

If anyone has any decent digital photos of any cricket in the NCU or North West (Senior, Junior, Schools etc), then please feel free to forward them to us if you would like them to be published on the site.

john m pryor


21st May 2007

if i may use your forum just to say a very big thanks to all at lurgan cc for a wonderful welcome and the wonderful hospitaity we received last sat.

malahide cc loves a trip, especially in the isc, and we have made many friends right around the country via this competition, which is now very aptly named after bob kerr, a great friend of cricket, and we will not forget the very special and warm reception we all, players and supporters alike, received from all the members of lurgan cc.

jm pryor
a big thanks to the gentleman who gave the girls a lift to and from the shopping centre and a few lads a lift to and from the pub (when the match was delayed due to rain of course!!)

Norman D

Co Down

17th May 2007

Re James

You might have a point there, there seems to be distrust between the two unions.
I think the next logical step would be an expansion of the Ulster Cup - maybe two groups of 4 with semis and a final?



16th May 2007

Re Michael Johnston
I don't think the North-Westers are as keen on an Ulster League now as they were a couple of years ago. Maybe they don't think their cricket is as strong now?
Seems to me that if the North West propose it then the NCU will reject it and vice versa!

Ally Jones


8th May 2007

Watched the World Cup and Ireland's heroics and wondered why there were no Irish umpires on the ICC panel? Seems like they could have done a better job than the so-called experts at the final who didn't even know the most basic rules! Are the Irish umpires not allowed to participate because they are 'minnows?'

Sylvester Greenidge


8th May 2007

Good luck to Phil Simmons in his new job with Ireland. He was a great player with the West Indies and maybe if he does well with Ireland he could come back and help us! Ireland showed us what can be done with everyone pulling together and big Phil will have a tough act to follow.

PJ Farrelly

Co Dublin

4th May 2007

I read somewhere a book was being written by Trent Johnston on Ireland's
World Cup campaign. This is a great idea and could make some money for the
players but is it a personal book or a team effort?

Michael Johnston


4th May 2007

It seems that the debate on an Ulster league has bitten the dust and the NCU 'visionaries' have gone to ground because they failed to get the support of their flock at the road-shows. Is this the end of the initiative or is something else in the frame? Surely it can't be all or nothing, and if we aren't ready for an Ulster league then can't we get something going with the North-West as a stepping stone? Indeed has anyone from the NCU veer spoken to the North-West administrators about an Ulster League or indeed any initiative?

John Matthews


3rd May 2007

Not much hope of Ireland achieving further success if they allow their best players to go to counties. Really the ICU has got to decide what it wants to do long term and if playing at the highest level is a major priority then they have to offer the players professional and/or semi-professional contracts. They could then look at what competition they can enter to provide top class match experience and which would allow players to develop and improve. It is absurd to think Joyce, O'Brien, and Rankin could be easily replaced and our team still move up the international ladder. Joyce may never play for England again, who knows, and realistically neither O'Brien nor Rankin is in a county team let alone a test team!

James Giffern


3rd May 2007

Where did all the Ireland fans go last week when their team needed their support against Kent? Test status ambitions seem a long way off when you can only muster a few hundred spectators at a match on the back of some heroic World Cup exploits. Or has reality kicked in already?

Stephen Hughes


2nd May 2007

Hurry up!!! Only messing Peter!!!

Stephen Hughes

In work for once!

1st May 2007

Are you not giving any coverage for other leagues, ie Section 2,3 etc on the site???


One step at a time!

Michael O'Neill


24th Apr 2007

Looking forward to the start of the NCU season, I hope the weather picks up again...
Waringstown for the league and North Down for the cup.