29 November 2009

The draws have been made for the various club cup competitions for 2010.


Northern Bank Senior Cup 2010

Preliminary Round

1. Burndennett v Creevedonnell
2. Bonds Glen v Killyclooney
3. The Nedd v Sion Mills
4. N Fermanagh v Ardmore

1st round

Drummond v Donemana
Winners of 2 v Eglinton
Glendermott v Brigade
Killymallaght v Winners of 3
Bready v Limavady
Fox Lodge v Strabane
Winners of 4 v St Johnston
Winners of 1 v Coleraine.

Intermediate A Cup

Glendermott 2's v Eglinton 2's
Brigade 2's v Fox Lodge 2's
Ardmore 2's v Bready 2's
Donemana 2's v Strabane 2's

Intermediate B Cup

Bready 3's v Ballyspallen
Fox Lodge 3's v Donemana 3's
Limavady 2's v Killyclooney 2's
St Johnston 2's v Bee Gees 2's

Intermediate C Cup

Creevedonnell 3's v Fox Lodge 4's
The Nedd 2's v Donemana 4's
Coleraine 2's v Burndennett 2's
Eglinton 3's v Bready 4's

Intermediate D Cup

Preliminary Round

1. Drummond 2's v Coleraine 3's
2. Ballyspallen 2's v Brigade 3's

Round 1

Crindle v Winners of 2
Winners of 1 v Burndennett 3's
Ardmore 3's v Killymallaght 2's
Killyclooney 3's v Bready 5's

Sammy Jeffrey Shield

Preliminary Round

1. Bonds Glen v Ardmore
2. Killyclooney v Coleraine

Round 1

Drummond v Creevedonnell
The Nedd v Winners of 1
Winners of 2 v Sion Mills
Burndennett v North Fermanagh


Challenge and Junior Cup Draws to follow.


1St Round             (15 May)

  • A             Derriaghy II v Laurelvale II
  • B             Cooke Collegians II v Victoria II
  • C             Cliftonville II v Academy II
  • D             Donaghadee II v Holywood II
  • E             Saintfield II v Larne II
  • F              CIYMS II v Portadown II
  • G             Millpark II v Dunmurry II

2nd Round            (29 May)

  • H             Lurgan II v Ards II
  • I               Dungannon II v Dundrum II
  • J              A v B
  • K             C v D
  • L              E v F
  • M            G v Cregagh II           
  • N             Templepatrick II v Armagh II
  • O             Donacloney II v Downpatrick II

3rd Round             (26 June)

  • P             H v I
  • Q             J v K
  • R             L v M
  • S             N v O

Semi-Final          (17 July)

  • T             P v Q
  • U             R v S

Final                      (14 August)

  • V             T v U


1St Round (15 May)

  • A             Instonians III v Derriaghy III
  • B             Saintfield III v CSNI IV
  • C             Lisburn III v Muckamore III
  • D             Armagh IV v Ballymena III
  • E              Waringstown IV v Laurelvale III
  • F              North Down III v Armagh III
  • G             Woodvale III v CIYMS III
  • H             Carrick III v Carrick IV

2nd Round (29 May)

  • I               Ards III v Bangor IV
  • J              Waringstown III v North Down IV
  • K             A v B
  • L             C v D
  • M            E v F
  • N             G v H
  • O             CSN III v Bangor III
  • P             Lurgan III v Larne III

3RD Round (26 June)

  • Q             I v J
  • R             K v L
  • S              M v N
  • T              O v P

Semi-Final (24 July)

  • U             Q v R
  • V             S v T

Final (21 August)

  • W            U v V



1st Round (15 May)

  • A             Victoria III v Derriaghy III

2nd Round (29 May)

  • B             A v Academy III
  • C             CIYMS IV v Cliftonville III
  • D             Dunmurry III v CSNI V
  • E              CSNI VI v Instonians IV
  • F              Cregagh III v Ballymena IV
  • G             Muckamore IV v Bangor V
  • H             Templepatrick III v DownpatrickIII
  • I               Holywood III v Waringstown V

3Rd Round (26 June)       

  • J              B v C
  • K             D v E
  • L             F v G
  • M            H v I

Semi-Final (24 July)

  • N             J v K
  • O             L v M

Final (21 August)

  • P             N v O

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