11 September 2009

This statement was issued to clubs early in the season.

Premier League and Section I Playing Regulations

A motion was carried at the 2008 AGM for Match 2 to be arranged as a 20-over match.

The Union recognises that the proposers of the Notice of Motion did not address its implications for rearrangement dates and starting times.

The intention is to enable clubs to play Match 2 rearrangements on a weekday evening as soon as practicable after the original fixture.

The Union would accordingly encourage clubs to agree to play Match 2 rearrangements on a weekday evening as soon as possible after the original fixture and in any case before the prescribed forth Sunday.

In such cases, the latest starting time will be that prescibed in Regulation 3.1(b) for an evening match (5.30pm in April, May or June, 4.30pm in July or August, or 4pm in September).

Where the clubs are unable to agree a weekday evening rearrangement, even though the prescribed afternoon start times (1pm, 12noonor 11.30am) theoretically apply, the Union will not penalise teams that start afternoon 20-over matches up to 5.30pm in April,May or June, 4.30pm in July and August and 4pm in September.

Note that the provision of Regulation 2.4 which allows for an aggregate time loss of 30 minutes still applies.

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