25 October 2007

At the 2007 annual general meeting of the Northern Cricket Union of Ireland, held at Shaw’s Bridge...

...Ivan Anderson of Waringstown stood down as President after one year.

Ivan thanked everyone who had helped him over the year and wished the incoming President well.  Ivan asked the gathering to stand and remember the late Bill McCarroll, NCU general secretary, in a minute’s silence.  

Lurgan’s Billy Boyd also stood down as NCU Chairman after his two years in office and wished his successor every success.  Assistant treasurer, Bryan Milford of Cooke Collegians reported on the finances of the last year and made special mention to the unions main sponsors – Ulster Bank senior league sponsors, Down Democrat senior challenge cup sponsors and Metal Technology sponsors of the Twenty20 cup.   

Woodvale’s Ian Gourley was elected as the President of the NCU and Wylie McKinty of Larne was nominated as Chairman. 

The main changes for the 2008 season were as follows:

  • The clubs voted in a majority for the proposed new structure of the Northern Cricket Union.  Implementing the new administrative structure set out in the Union’s development plan 2007-2009, replacing the current executive and management committee’s.  The new Board of Directors will set up four Directorates to run the main areas in the Union.
  • Lurgan’s proposal of extending the playing conditions of the Premier League to include section 2 was carried with 66% (60% majority was required).  Meaning Duckworth / Lewis will be introduced to Ulster Bank section 2 in 2008 season. 
  • The cut off date of June 30th to rearrange ‘match 1’ in the Premier League and section 2, in 2008, will no longer be in place.  This will now apply to all first scheduled matches between the teams in matches affected by weather. 
  • In ‘match 1’ of the Premier League and section 2 a match can now be reduced to 20 overs, in line with normal Duckworth / Lewis practice.

Roy Harrison, on behalf of Waringstown, stood and gave weight to the clubs proposal to take overseas professional players out of league cricket.  Carrick’s Roger Bell gave comments in reply to this proposal as to why they should be allowed.  The proposal was defeated again, and clubs will be able to employ one overseas professional if they desire.

Richard Johnson of Instonians proposed that Tom McCloy of Lisburn be a new Honorary Life Member of the Union.  As a past President and Chairman of the Union he courteously accepted the honour from theUnion. 

Administrative Structure


Serial 1:  This serial would implement the new administrative structures set out in the Union’s Development Plan 2007 – 2009, replacing the Executive and Management Committees with a Board of Directors and setting up four Directorates to run the Union’s main areas of activity.  Carried


Competition Rules


Serial 2:  This emphasises the responsibility of captains to familiarise themselves with Rules and Bye-Laws and to ensure that their teams comply fully with them. Carried


Serial 3: This would prohibit overseas players from playing in league competitions unless they were resident in Northern Ireland for purposes unconnected with cricket.  Defeated

League Competitions

Serial 4:  This would clarify the provision for the shortening of league matches and restrict the shortening of 50-over matches to one over a side for every eight minutes of playing time lost.Carried

Serial 5: This would extend the current Premier League playing conditions to Section II of the First Division. Carried

Serial 6: This would permit teams in Sections I and II of the Second Division to agree not to replay matches abandoned in September. Carried


Serial 7: This would double the fine for failure to return an Umpires report Form. Defeated

First Division Premier League Playing Regulations (now extended to Section 2)

Serial 8: This replaces ‘up to 30th June’ with ‘the first scheduled fixture between the teams’ as the criterion for treating a ground/weather rearrangement as Match 1. Carried

Serial 9:  This would award each team 2 points in the event of a No Result.  Withdrawn

Serial 10: Competition Regulations 2.1(d) and 3.1(d): delete the final sentence.
This would remove the unnecessary words ‘In such circumstances, any reduction in the number of overs available shall be agreed before the start of the match.’ Carried

Serial 11:  Competition Regulation 2.2(a): replace ’25’ with ‘20’. This would reduce the minimum duration of a valid Match 1 from 25 overs a side to 20, in line with normal Duckworth/Lewis practice. Carried

Serial 12: This would extend the reduction of bowlers’ overs to innings that are reduced after the start of the match. Carried

The new officers for 2007 – 2008 are:

President:  Ian Gourley.  Vice President:  Dr Murray Power

Chairman:  Wylie McKinty.  Vice Chairman:  Roger Bell

Hon Treasurer:  Dawn Johnston.  Hon Secretary:  Jack Quinn

Director of Cricket Development:  Andy Clement.  Assistant Director:  Alan Waite

Director of Finance & Sponsorship:  Dawn Johnston.  Assistant Director:  Richard Johnson

Director of Competitions:  Bryan Milford.  Assistant Director:  Roger Bell

Director of Forward Planning:  Billy Boyd.  Assistant Director:  John Caldwell

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