23 April 2007

Two wins and a tie at ICC CWC put Trent Johnston’s team in with the top teams...

Newcomer to the LG ICC ODI Championship Ireland has been ranked 10th in the latest rankings following its successes in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

In Group D, Ireland beat Pakistan and tied with Zimbabwe in Sabina Park, earning it a place in the Super Eight. During that stage Ireland competed well in most of its games and beat another Test team, Bangladesh, along the way.

Having made up part of the ICC Assoicate ODI Rankings Trent Johnston’s side now graduates to the LG ICC ODI Championship after defeating two Full Members, in accordance with the qualification regulations.

Once an Associate has played at least 10 ODIs in total, it has the opportunity to be promoted to the main table. To gain this promotion, the Associate must either achieve two wins against Full Members, as Ireland has done, or achieve one win against a Full Member and also have won more than 60 per cent of matches against other Associates.

“This really is a magnificent achievement by the Irish guys,” said ICC Global Development Manager Matthew Kennedy. “It shows that they have certainly worked hard, risen to the occasion, and made the very most of and learnt from their increased opportunities.

“It proves that serious cricketing achievement is possible from within this next tier of nations. Depth and sustainability, and continued opportunity and support, is obviously the key and that is what we will continue to strive for,” he said.

To reach this milestone Ireland has had two ODI wins plus a tie against Full Members from nine such matches over a one-year period. To put this into perspective, when it was elevated to Test status Sri Lanka had had one ODI win against a Full member from five matches over a four-year period; Zimbabwe had had two ODI wins over Full Members from 20 matches over a nine-year period and Bangladesh had had one ODI win against a Full member from 33 matches over a 14-year period.

In accordance with a previous ICC Board decision, Ireland has ODI status until 2009, a status also enjoyed by the top six Associate Members, the others being Kenya, Scotland, the Netherlands, Canada and Bermuda.

Over the rating period (since August 2004) Kenya’s record is no wins and four defeats against the top eight teams and two wins and nine defeats against the rest. Zimbabwe’s record is no wins and 28 defeats against the top eight teams and eight wins and 16 defeats against the rest. Ireland's record is one win and seven defeats against the top eight teams and one win, one defeat and one tie against the rest.

LG ICC ODI Championship (after Super Eight stage of ICC Cricket World Cup 2007)

1Australia 129
2South Africa125
3New Zealand115
4Sri Lanka110
8West Indies99

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