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Clarence Hiles


27th May 2007

Magnifient McCrums.
Having seen the results of Saturday's cup games aren't the McCrum brothers Charlie and Paul simply magnificent? I have said for many years that pound for pound they are the best value for any professional players around and time and time again they produce the goods. Charlie and Paul have been up there with the best in Irish cricket for two decades and they have been marvellous performers everywhere they've played. Above all, they've delivered the goods and been true pros in every sense. Well done guys and keep it going!

Old Boy


27th May 2007

Well done to John Stevenson on a fantastic knock that kept Inst in the Senior Cup.

Commercial Concern


25th May 2007

I just noticed that the winners of the Dutch club Twenty20 competition receive 10000 Euro, thats nearly 7 Grand sterling!!!
In the NCU, the winners get nothing and for winning the senior league it is something like £400 - totally pathetic.

Jamie Cozier


25th May 2007

Isn't it time to scrap qualifying for a country? If you are born or have parents in a country then that's your birth right and you can't give it away for a 'professional career. Follow the footballers on this one and stop making a total mockery of nationality.
Ed Joyce and Kevin Petersen playing for England is a joke! Same goes for the
Irish foreigners.

Mark Whetnall


24th May 2007

Just browsing some Irish cricket websites and there seems to be plenty of support around for Ireland to move to a higher tier in international cricket. The ICC needs to back them financially or to run two levels of 'test' cricket. They could put Australia into the top section and everyone else in the second section. Not much good for the Aussies but very competitive for everybody else.

Paul Hatton


24th May 2007

Thanks for putting me right 'North Down Down Supporter' and if your team plays half as well as you support then maybe we'll see a bit more competition from the NCU's top team this season because an outsider might feel the NCU teams hadn't entered in the last few years.
As for Merrion I'm not a member but they serve Fosters and Castlemaine in the bar and that's usually a giveaway. You guys have a track record of paying players for some time so don't knock the Dublin clubs if they are better at it and remember nobody is breaking the rules. If you don't think the rules are fair then get your delegates to change them.
However, when all's said and done it's what happens on the field that counts so look no further than Phoenix Park and Rush as those are two tough grounds to get an away win. If you can win there then you won't have to whinge about umpiring decisions and player availability as every team has to face that week in and week out!

Andy Martin


24th May 2007

Did the Irish Cricket Union do the right thing in naming the Irish Senior Cup after the late Bob Kerr? From all accounts Bob was a decent man and a hard-working administrator but I'm sure there have been plenty of others down the years and there'll be plenty more in the future. Does this set a precedent and does it restrict the union in getting a sponsor or will the sponsor's name just be added?
If that's the case then it will start to look silly!

North Down Supporter


24th May 2007

Paul Hatton

You are quite correct in that the LCU are light years ahead of any other participating Unions within the Irish Cup. WHY is this i hear you ask? Well a couple of reasons in my opinion.1- these things go in cycles. 2-FOREIGNERS! I can remember one of our guys saying that he was playing an Irish Cup game down south a few years ago and was told that, i think it was Merrion though not a 100% sure, had 54 registered Australians within their club and that they had a lone irishman playing on their thirds nicknamed PADDY!! I think you will tend to see more "foreigners" coming the Norths way in the not too distant future with the peace process etc and this will even things up in my opinion.

Regards N.Down "NOT setting the world alight" this season-LOL. Paul we have obliterated every team we have come up against this season apart from Inst who we lost too narrowly by playing some poor cricket and also minus the invaluable experience of Coetzee and Robin Haire on the day.All dues to Inst though they fought well. Even in the Irish Cup were we had Ryan and Robin Haire suspended we trounced Strabane and likewise on sunday in the ulster cup minus coetzee and Kennedy we trounced Brigade! I'd say if you were to ask anyone around the NCU or NW who they would fear the most i think the honest answer would be North Down. And as for the Rush game last year we lost in the last over of the match mate after scoring 300-lets just say that the umpires cost us that game hence robin and ryan being suspended for two games when they lost their cool after 3 horrific decisions that even the Rush players were shocked at,one bad one that stands out above all the rest.

So,in conclusion,your right in saying that the NCU are way behind the LCU when it comes to Irish Cup but to say in so many words that North Down havent much hope either is fairly harsh,if we can get past a tough game against Phoenix,minus Ryan and Robin again then with a full team for the next game we will give any team in Ireland a competetive game let me tell you.

Michael Johnson


24th May 2007

Good idea James. A county championship would be novel but would it generate
the pride and passion a representative championship needs? Derry and Tyrone
already have a county match every year and I suggest you don't mess around
with Belfast and just go with the six counties as they are laid out. I read
somewhere that a county championship was the suggested way the NCU was going to be set up in the 1880s. Never too late to change?

Paul Hatton


24th May 2007

Read your article on the Irish Senior Cup and don't think you have it right at all. The Dublin clubs are well ahead of the northern clubs in ability and only a home draw will see the North-West teams advance. North Down has the best chance on paper but they were well hammered at Rush last year and haven't set the world on fire much this season. Until the northern teams stop complaining and starting playing better they won't beat anyone!

Sylvester Greenidge


23rd May 2007

Big Phil
Just like to congratulate big Phil and the Ireland team on their success. It was a tough start for the Ireland coach but a 'home' game at Grace Road and easier opposition should show everyone that it's not the coach's fault if Ireland can't beat the full-time counties. Give the man time to get his act together and you'll see progress.



23rd May 2007

What about a County Championship style tournament to be the next level up from club cricket?
We could alter it a little to have teams from Down, Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Tyrone/Fermanagh and a team from Belfast.
Two round-robin groups of three, the winners playing in a final. Two games each, three for the finalists.
I’ll kick it off with a Belfast selection:
1 R McCann
2 J Stevenson
3 A White
4 N Jones
5 R West
6 W Horwood
7 D Heasley
8 J Hewitt
9 S Wells
10 A Coulter
11 I Cleland



22nd May 2007

If anyone has any decent digital photos of any cricket in the NCU or North West (Senior, Junior, Schools etc), then please feel free to forward them to us if you would like them to be published on the site.

john m pryor


21st May 2007

if i may use your forum just to say a very big thanks to all at lurgan cc for a wonderful welcome and the wonderful hospitaity we received last sat.

malahide cc loves a trip, especially in the isc, and we have made many friends right around the country via this competition, which is now very aptly named after bob kerr, a great friend of cricket, and we will not forget the very special and warm reception we all, players and supporters alike, received from all the members of lurgan cc.

jm pryor
a big thanks to the gentleman who gave the girls a lift to and from the shopping centre and a few lads a lift to and from the pub (when the match was delayed due to rain of course!!)

Norman D

Co Down

17th May 2007

Re James

You might have a point there, there seems to be distrust between the two unions.
I think the next logical step would be an expansion of the Ulster Cup - maybe two groups of 4 with semis and a final?