5 April 2007

Another thriller in the sun but England still fail to start their World Cup campaign so we'll have to wait another game to see when it is going to happen


Clarence Hiles reports from the Caribbean...

All their spokesmen to date have dismissed the opening games as fodder to the main event, mainly because of the weaker opposition. But the sad truth for the Poms and their arrogant commentators is that they are overrated, and they'll not be contesting the semi-finals irrespective of when they start!
That will be further disappointment to the organizers who are desperate to get bums on seats for the remaining matches and hurting over the widespread criticism that they have priced the local fans out of the tournament and as a result taken away much of the Caribbean flavor that everyone wanted. After all, cricket in the Caribbean with only overseas spectators isn't quite
Calypso cricket, and if the thousands of fans from India and Pakistan have stayed at home after their teams were eliminated, then someone in authority has to find a way of releasing their prepaid tickets back into the system for the remaining games.
All that won't matter to the many Irish fans already heading to Barbados
next week, as win or lose they'll support their team.
That's what true fans are all about.



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