14 October 2015

Latest News: NCU AGM


Peter McMorran was unanimously elected President at the Northern Cricket Union Annual General Meeting held at Newforge on Tuesday evening. The Civil Service North of Ireland stalwart succeeded Billy Boyd, who was highly complimented for his sterling service over the past four years.

It was a night of geniality as all the offices were filled without a vote and most of the tabled motions were easily passed. The only area of contention was in Junior League 1 where motions to introduce 40-overs cricket and Duckworth Lewis were defeated. Neale Matthews, Roger Bell and Richard Johnson did a fine job in tidying up the rulebook, something of an annual pilgrimage at the AGM every year. Otherwise it seems everyone is very happy with the way NCU cricket is being run as there were no questions on either the Secretary’s Annual Report or the Annual Financial Report, both of which captured the NCU season in detail and are now part of NCU archives.

The AGM also sanctioned a rule change relating to the tenancy of the NCU Chairman to accommodate a third year in office for the incumbent Andy Clement.  Andy’s work in NCU and Cricket Ireland matters was highly praised, as was the work of Vice Chairman Alan Waite who has been the driving force behind the union’s rejuvenated youth development program and which is already showing many positive results. Alan gave a comprehensive overview of the youth program including some feedback on the tour to South Africa earlier this year. The club delegates showed their gratitude of the work their leading officers are currently undertaking with loud applause for their endeavours.

Two other stalwarts were recognized for exceptional service to cricket. Wesley Best received the Jim McMorran Memorial Award for outstanding voluntary service at Laurelvale Cricket Club and John Caldwell was made an Honorary Life Member, the highest honour bestowed on an NCU member. John has been an exceptional administrator for Ballymena Cricket Club, the Northern Cricket Union and Cricket Ireland for over 35 years.

Retiring Honorary Treasurer Dawn Johnston was presented with a token of appreciation for her 13 years service and the evening concluded with the news that the NCU will be appointing their own dedicated Cricket Development Officer (CDO) over the next few months.

Perhaps not the liveliest AGM, but a night of appreciation and conviviality and there’s always a place for that in sport.

(Photo: Andy Cement, Wesley Best and Peter McMorran)

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