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Game Count and Overall Record 

Result Count of Result
Drawn 6
Lost 54
Tie 1
Won 60

South Africa 2013 Tour Brochure 

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Score Cards

We are pleased to annouce that work has begun on converting the paper based score cards from every single Ulster Grasshopper game to digital! With over 100 score cards to convert - It may take a while but work is underway. When complete they will all appear here, live on the site for you to re-live golden cricket memories.

Centuries - 100 Club100 Club

Over the 34 year history of the Ulster Grasshoppers, only a select few have scored the big 100 or more.

Freddie Ashton, Colin Magowan, Alan Waite, Jonathan Terrett, Gareth Mckee and Lee Nelson. 

These men go into the record books. The last Grasshopper Century was in India in 2009 - who will be next to achieve this great feat? 

Player Scored Tour Opponents Date
Freddie Ashton 100* Local Leicester University Staff - England 22/06/1986
Colin Magowan 100 Zimbabwe 1987 Mashonaland U25 - Harare South 25/04/1987
Alan Waite 101* South America 2001 St Georges College - Buenos Aires 31/03/2001
Jonathan Terrett 117* South Africa 2003 Stellenbosch Scorpions 24/02/2003
Gareth McKee 101* South Africa 2007 Old Mutual - Pinelands 06/01/2007
Lee Nelson 101* India 2009 British High Commission - Delhi 20/02/2009


Stats for players with 3 or more catches in a single match. 11 Cricketers have have this accolade to their name. With the Bardbados Tour coming in 2016 are we likely to see more names added to this list? 

Player Catches Tour Opponents Date
Paul Jackson 3 South Africa 1982 Missionaries - Durban High School 06/01/1982
Chris Harte 3 South Africa 1982 Umzinto - Natal 07/01/1982
Ivan Connolly 3 Zimbabwe 1987 Stragglers - Harare South 07/04/1987
David Napier 3 Zimbabwe 1987 Karoi 23/04/1987
Dick Forrest 4 World 1989 Seddon Park Hamilton - New Zealand 27/03/1989
Chris Harte 3 Local Mashonaland CD - Bangor 12/07/1989
John Forrest 3 South America 2001 Sao Paulo Athletic Club 15/04/2001
Alan Waite 3 Barbados 2005 Yorkshire 08/04/2005
Michael Turkington 3 St Lucia St Lucia Police 13/04/2005
Nile Smith 3 South Africa 2010 Elgin Country Club 24/03/2010
Tim Carson 3 South Africa 2013 Groot Drakenstein 04/04/2013

 More to follow!